FSM - CS Executive - Chapter-14 (MCQ's)

1. Under the BCG growth-share matrix,low share,high-growth businesses or products are called? (DEC 2019)

(a) Stars

(b) Cash cows

(c) Question marks

(d) Dogs

Option C

2. Ansoff’s matrix is useful for: (DEC 2019)

(a) Joining a business’s marketing strategy with general strategic direction

(b) Establishing an editorial calendar for staff to follows

(c) Understanding buyer persons and buyer behaviours

(d) Hiring new staff and training them on marketing tactics

Option A

3. What does Cash Cow symbolize in BCG matrix? (DEC 2019)

(a) Volatility

(b) Unattractive Investment

(c) Profitability

(d) Cash Drain

Option C

4. What are focus strategies? (DEC 2019)

(a) When a company focuses on supplying differential products which appeal to different market segments.

(b) Where a company chooses to concentrate on only one market segment or a limited range of segments

(c) Where a company focuses on achieving lower costs than its rivals so as to compete across a broad range of market segments

(d) When a company conducts market research through focus groups to determine how their strategy should be shaped

Option B

5. The BCG matrix is based on: (DEC 2019)

(a) Industry attractiveness and business strength

(b) Industry growth rate and business strength

(c) Industry attractiveness and relative market share

(d) Industry growth and market share

Option D

6. Which is the term used in Ansoff’s matrix for increasing market share with existing products in existing markets? (DEC 2019)

(a) Market Development

(b) Market Penetration

(c) Product Development

(d) Diversification

Option B

7. Successful differentiation strategy allows the company to: (DEC 2019)

(a) Gain buyer loyalty to its brands

(b) Charge too high a price premium

(c) Depend only on intrinsic product attributes

(d) Have product quality that exceeds buyers’ needs

Option A

8. Directional Policy Matrix is same as: (DEC 2019)

(a) The BCG Model

(b) The 9-cell GE Matrix

(c) The Life-cycle Portfolio analysis

(d) The 3 × 3 competitive positioning matrix

Option B

9. What type of organizational structure do most small business follow? (DEC 2019)

(a) Divisional Structure

(b) Functional Structure

(c) Hour Glass Structure

(d) Matrix Structure

Option B

10.Which section of the SWOT Matrix involves matching internal strengths with external opportunities? (DEC 2019)

(a) The WT cell

(b) The SW cell

(c) The SO cell

(d) The ST cell

Option C

11.The emphasis on product design is very high,the intensity of competition is low,and the market growth rate is low in the …………….. stage of the industry life-cycle. (DEC 2019)

(a) Maturity

(b) Introduction

(c) Growth

(d) Decline

Option B

12.The most probable time to pursue a harvest strategy is in a situation of ………. . (DEC 2019)

(a) High growth

(b) Decline in the market life-cycle

(c) Strong competitive advantage

(d) Mergers and acquisition

Option B

13.Vertical integration may be beneficial when: (DEC 2019)

(a) Lower transaction costs and improved co-ordination are vital and achievable

(b) Flexibility is reduced,providing a more stationery position in the competitive environment

(c) Various segregated specializations will be combined

(d) The minimum efficient scales of two corporations are different

Option A

14.Conglomerate diversification is another name for which of the following? (DEC 2019)

(a) Related diversification

(b) Unrelated diversification

(c) Portfolio diversification

(d) Acquisition diversification

Option B

15.When two organizations combine to increase their strengths and financial gains,it is called: (DEC 2019)

(a) Hostile takeover

(b) Liquidation

(c) Merger

(d) Acquisition

Option C

16.Which of the following can be said to be the strategy followed in TOWS approach? (DEC 2019)

(a) Defensive Strategy

(b) Offensive Strategy

(c) Attack Strategy

(d) Functional Strategy

Option A

17.Porter’s Generic strategies include: (DEC 2019)

(a) Cost Differentiation,Product Focus,Leadership

(b) Price Leadership,Cost Focus,Product Differentiation

(c) Price Differentiation,Leadership,Cost Focus

(d) Cost Leadership,Differentiation and Focus

Option D

18.The …………………… process commences at corporate level. Here the organization setsout its overall mission,purpose,and values. (DEC 2020)

(a) Researching

(b) Strategic planning

(c) Controlling

(d) Managing

Option B

19.Statement (I): Stars operate in low growth industries and maintain high market share. Statement (II): “Dogs” have weak market share in high-growth market. (DEC 2020)Codes :

(a) Statement (I) is correct but (II) is incorrect

(b) Statement (II) is correct but (I) is incorrect

(c) Both the statements (I) and (II) are correct

(d) Both the statements (I) and (II) are incorrect

Option D

20.Which of the following is the Strategy of TOWS? (DEC 2020)

(a) Competitive Strategy

(b) Corporate Strategy

(c) Business Strategy

(d) Functional Strategy

Option A

21.The two internal elements of SWOT analysis are: (DEC 2020)

(a) Weaknesses and threats

(b) Opportunities and threats

(c) Strengths and weaknesses

(d) Strengths and threats

Option C

22.In SWOT analysis,situations in which firms could convert weaknesses into strengthsand threats into opportunities,known as: (DEC 2020)

(a) Conversion strategies

(b) Strategic leverage

(c) Strategic policy

(d) Vulnerability

Option A

23.Which can be termed as disadvantage of PERT? (DEC 2020)

(a) Compels managers to plan their projects critically in considerable detail from beginning to the end and analyse all factors affecting the progress of the plan

(b) Provides management a tool for forecasting the impact of schedule changes. The likely probable spots are located early enough to take preventive measures or corrective actions.

(c) The considerable amount of data may be presented in a precise manner.

(d) The costs may be higher than the conventional methods of planning and as it needs a high degree of planning skill and minute details resulting in rise in time and manpower resources.

Option D

24.What is the term used in Ansoff’s matrix for increasing market share with existingproducts in new markets? (DEC 2020)

(a) Market development

(b) Market penetration

(c) Product development

(d) Diversification

Option A

25.Porter’s generic strategies are: (DEC 2020)

(a) Low price,differentiation,focus

(b) Cost leadership,differentiation,cost focus,differentiation focus

(c) Price leadership,differentiation,focus

(d) Low cost,differentiation,focus differentiation

Option B

26.What strategy shall be used for the products classified as Dogs in BCG matrix? (AUG 2021)

(A) New customer acquisition

(B) Divest

(C) Sales promotion

(D) Invest

Option B

27.Strategies that minimize weakness and avoid threats are represented by which cell ofthe TOWS Matrix? (AUG 2021)

(A) The WT cell

(B) The WO cell

(C) The SO cell

(D) The ST cell

Option A

28.An organization that has a high market share position and competes in a low-growthindustry is referred to as a (AUG 2021)

(A) Dog

(B) Question Mark

(C) Star

(D) Cash Cows

Option D

29.‘Build,’ ‘Hold,’ Harvest’ and ‘Divest’ are the strategies explained by: (AUG 2021)

(A) Ansoff’s Product Matrix Growth

(B) ADL matrix

(C) GE McKinsey Matrix

(D) BCG Matrix

Option D

30.The SWOT/TOWS analysis is a very simple yet valuable technique which aids in identifying opportunities and threats from an environment,and analysing its strengths and weakness. (AUG 2021)

(A) external; own

(B) own; own

(C) external; external

(D) own; external

Option A

31.In long run,when the growth rate slows down stars become: (AUG 2021)

(A) Question Marks

(B) Moon

(C) Dogs

(D) Cash Cows

Option D

32.Which one of the following is NOT a level of diversification prescribed in Ansoff’s matrix? (AUG 2021)

(A) Diversification into related markets

(B) Conglomerate Diversification with new product

(C) Diversification into unrelated markets using existing resources

(D) Diversification into unrelated markets using new resources

Option B

33.According to Porter’s generic strategy model,Mercedes-Benz C-Class could sell its carsas most expensive ones,is an example of: (AUG 2021)

(A) The Cost Leadership Strategy

(B) The Differentiation Strategy

(C) The Focus Strategy

(D) Combination Strategies

Option B

34.In Porter’s Generic Strategies model,a focus strategy includes: (AUG 2021)

(A) Selling a high range of products

(B) Selling products that require less cost to produce

(C) Selling to premium customers

(D) Selling to a niche market

Option D

35.Which of the following is not correct related with reference to PERT? (AUG 2021)

(A) Compels managers to plan their projects critically in considerable detail from beginningto the end and analyse all factors affecting the progress of the plan.

(B) Provides management a tool for forecasting the impact of schedule changes. The likelytrouble spots are located early enough to take preventive measures or corrective actions

(C) A considerable amount of data may be presented in precise manner. The task relationships are presented graphically for easier evaluation

(D) The PERT time is based upon 5-way estimate and hence is the most objective time in thelight of uncertainties and results in greater degree of accuracy in time forecasting.

Option D

36.Under Low-Cost strategy,the company fights ………..by selling its products at………..prices. (DEC 2021)

(A) Wide market competition,buy one get one offer.

(B) Massive market competition,very lower

(C) cut-throat competition,heavy discount

(D) Aggressive competitor market share,throw away

Option B

37.Match the following ( D E C 2 0 2 1 )

(1) Maxi – Maxi (i) Defensive (2) Maxi – Mini (ii) Competitive (3) Mini– Maxi (iii) Conservative (4) Mini – Mini (iv)Aggressive

(A) (1) – (iv),(2) – (iii),(3) – (ii) (4) – (i)

(B) (1) – (iii),(2) – (ii),(3) – (iv) (4) – (i)

(C) (1) – (i),(2) – (iii),(3) – (ii) (4) – (iv)

(D) (1) – (iv),(2) – (i),(3) – (ii) (4) – (iii)

Option A

38.Indian Dairy Products market total size is ₹28,000 crore and XY Co. Ltd. dominating market share of ₹4,800 crore and AN Co. Ltd,having turnover of ₹428.50 crore. Find relative market share of AN Co. Ltd. (DEC 2021)

(A) 8.93%

(B) 17.14%

(C) 1.53%

Option A

39.The terms,build; hold; harvest; divest are closely linked with strategies of ……… (DEC 2021)

(A) Ansoff Matrix

(B) BCG Matrix

(C) ADL Matrix

(D) GE Mckinsey Matrix

Option B

40.Dev Co. Ltd. Strategic Management Team now under the process of designing the stralegic plan analysis and one of the plans using the terms SO,WO,ST,WT which is fit with matrix boxes of : (DEC 2021)

(A) TOWS Analysis

(B) SWOT Analysis

(C) ₹ Analysis

(D) PERT Analysis

Option A

41.The …………Matrix also helps in brainstorming to bring out great ideas to generating effective strategies and tactics. (DEC 2021)


(B) Defensive

(C) Aggressive


Option D

42.PERT and ₹ two complementary statistical techniques utilized in ……………… (DEC 2021)

(A) Event based scheduling methods

(B) Activity time-based scheduling methods

(C) Network based scheduling methods

(D) Project modelling methods

Option C

43.The book **Competitive Advantages: Creating and Sustaining Superior performance** is authored by: (DEC 2021)

(A) Michael Samuel

(B) Michael Lawrence

(C) Michael Arthur

(D) Michael Porter

Option D

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