FSM - CS Executive - Chapter-15 (MCQ's)

1. Which “S” is not part of McKinseys 7-S Framework? (DEC 2019)

(a) Shared value

(b) System

(c) Staff

(d) Synergy

Option D

2. Which of these are characteristics of matrix structure? (DEC 2019)

(a) Decentralization and co-ordination

(b) Centralization and control

(c) Centralization and co-ordination

(d) Decentralization and control

Option A

3. Which of the following market structures would be commonly identified with FMCG products? (DEC 2019)

(a) Monopoly

(b) Monopolistic competition

(c) Oligopoly

(d) Perfect competition

Option B

4. The existence of price-wars in the airline industry in India indicates that: (DEC 2019)

(a) Customers are relatively weak because of the high switching costs created by frequent flyer programs

(b) The industry is moving towards differentiation of services

(c) The competitive rivalry in the industry is severe

(d) The economic segment of the external environment has shifted,but the airline strategies have not changed

Option C

5. What can be defined as the art and science of formulating,implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that enable an organization to achieve its objectives? (DEC 2019)

(a) Strategy Formulation

(b) Strategy Evaluation

(c) Strategy Implementation

(d) Strategic Management

Option D

6. A sudden increase in critical resources which may invite an immediate reassessment ofthe organization strategy is an example of: (DEC 2020)

(a) Strategic Leap Control

(b) Implementation Control

(c) Strategic Surveillance

(d) Special Alert Control

Option D

7. Strategic changes that most of the companies pursue are the following except: (DEC 2020)

(a) Re-engineering

(b) Restructuring

(c) Innovation

(d) Liquidation

Option D

8. If misinformation and lack of information create barriers in managing change,it can bemanaged by: (DEC 2020)

(a) Participation

(b) Education and Communication

(c) Leadership

(d) Obtaining commitment

Option B

9. Important benefits of McKinsey’s 7-S framework Model is/are as follows: (DEC 2020)

(a) It is a diagnostic tool for understanding the organization which are non-effective

(b) It helps to guide organization change

(c) It combines rational and hard elements with emotional and soft elements

(d) All of the above

Option D

10.Restructuring and downsizing becomes necessary due to the following factors except: (DEC 2020)

(a) Unforeseen changes in business environment

(b) New technological development

(c) Increase in demand

(d) Excess production capacity

Option C

11. In.....................structure,the activities are grouped according to the types of products manufactured or different market territories as the organizations began to grow by expanding variety of functions performed. (DEC 2020)

(a) Divisional Structure

(b) Functional Structure

(c) Horizontal Structure

(d) Vertical Structure

Option A

12.Large organizations create ..................,which assume the role of a separate company and create their own strategies and plans in order to achieve their corporate goals andcontribution to the overall organization. (DEC 2020)

(a) Marketing objectives

(b) Strategic business units

(c) Marketing activities

(d) Business development units

Option B

13.The framework within which managerial and operating tasks are performed is called: (AUG 2021)

(A) Staffing

(B) Organisation structure

(C) Job design

(D) Departmentation

Option B

14.An efficient control system helps to: (AUG 2021)

(A) Accomplish organizational objectives

(B) Boost employees’ morale

(C) Judge accuracy of standards

(D) All of the above

Option D

15.According to MCKINSEYS 7-S framework,change in strategy is implemented through change in (AUG 2021)

(A) Systems

(B) Style

(C) Shared Values

(D) Skills

Option A

16.The difference between strategy formulation and strategy implementation is that: (AUG 2021)

(A) Strategy is developed by Top Management Team and implemented by Managers

(B) Strategy is created by a few but implemented by all

(C) Strategy is customer centric and implementation is operations centric

(D) All of the above

Option D

17.Which of the following most suitably supplies to the matrix structure? (AUG2021)

(A) It encourages empowerment which results in high morale and motivation adding toquality decisions and implementation

(B) It incurs extra costs since each division has its own set of functional departments

(C) It seeks to introduce specialist functional managers into organisations

(D) It allows the owner to control all aspects of the business

Option A

18.Which model is based on the premise that the organization is an open system and basic task of the manager is to facilitate the change in the organization? (AUG 2021)

(A) Free Form Organisation

(B) The divisional structure

(C) Matrix Structure

(D) The functional structure

Option A

19.Which is not a correct element of strategic leadership? (AUG 2021)

(A) It deals with vision keeping the mission insight and with effectiveness and results

(B) It emphasises on transformational aspects which leads to emergence of leaders in theorganization

(C) It inspires and motivates people to work together with a common vision and purpose

(D) Strategic leadership has internal focus rather than external focus which helps theorganization to relate with environment

Option D

20.Which strategic control techniques enables the organizations operating in a relatively unstable and turbulent environment in defining new strategic requirements and to cope with environmental realities? (AUG 2021)

(A) Premise Control

(B) Strategic Leap Control

(C) Special Alert Control

(D) Strategic Momentum Control

Option B

21.Which of the following perspective is not a part of Balance Scorecard? (AUG 2021)

(A) Financial Perspective

(B) Customer Perspective

(C) Learning and Growth Perspective

(D) Creditors Perspective

Option D

22.Restructuring and downsizing becomes necessary due to: (DEC 2021)

(A) New technology development

(B) Reduction in demand

(C) Improving the competitive advantages

(D) All the option are correct

Option D

23.Which of the following techniques are generally used for exercising strategic leap control? (DEC 2021)

(A) Strategic issue management

(B) Strategic Field Analysis

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above

Option C

24.Name the 3 S’s which are described as Hard S’s by Mckinsey: (DEC 2021)

(A) Strategy,Structure,Systems

(B) Strategy,Shared value,Style

(C) Skills,Staff,Style

(D) Skills,Shared value,System

Option A

25.Which “S” is not part of Mckinsey 7-S framework? (DEC 2021)

(A) Super Ordinate Goals

(B) Skills

(C) Staff

(D) Strategy


26.Which of the following is not true for balance scorecard? (DEC 2021)

(A) The balance scorecard is divided into four main areas

(B) The four areas are not interrelated

(C) The balance scorecard is used as a strategic planning and a management techniques

(D) Financial perspective,business process perspective,customer perspective and learningand growth perspective are the four main areas of balance scorecard.

Option B

27.Which of the following is not an example of strategic changes that most of the companies pursue: (DEC 2021)

(A) Re-engineering

(B) Restructuring

(C) Innovation

(D) Shut Down

Option D

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