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CMA Logics made for CA/CMA/CS students. CMA Logics will lead you to success in preparing for your exams. Our articles/Updates are the most updated for anyone preparing for their exams. We are preparing study planners and free test series (MCQ's) to help prepare for your exams and its a great study Planner to prepare for Exams. We will try provide Excel and SAP courses for Job's very soon.

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Our CMA Logics Website is a consolidation of Articles, Updates, study tips for aspirants ranging from purely academic for CA, CMA and CS Students.

The period of preparation is a roller coaster ride. You sometimes feel you should give up as you have wasted your youth reading CA Course. You will also be on cloud nine when your CPT/Foundation would fetch you unimaginably high marks. You would feel low when your relatives would remind you of your age and you still living on your parent’s income. These mixed emotions are common to any aspirant’s journey.

You can learn from your mistake by giving more attempts, but why risk it when you can make the right choice with our team of professionals.

Finally, we hope to encourage you to work hard, take well-informed decisions and be successful.