FSM - CS Executive - Chapter-16 (MCQ's)

1. Total Quality Management was initially applied in: (DEC 2019)

(a) South Korea

(b) Japan

(c) United Kingdom

(d) United State of America

Option B

2. What is six-sigma risk/return level? (DEC 2019)

(a) High-Low

(b) Medium-High

(c) Low-Low

(d) High-High

Option B

3. Which category of benchmarking involves multi-site comparison of process and performance? (DEC 2019)

(a) Internal

(b) Generic

(c) Competitive

(d) Functional

Option B

4. The principles of the business process re-engineering (BPR) approach do not include: (DEC 2019)

(a) Rethinking business processes cross-functionally to organize work around natural information flows.

(b) Striving for improvements in performance by radical rethinking and redesigning the process.

(c) Checking that all internal customers act as their own suppliers to identify problems

(d) Scrapping any process line over two years old and starting again from scratch

Option D

5. Improving quality through small,incremental improvements is a characteristic of whattypes of quality management system? (DEC 2020)

(a) Just-in-time

(b) Six Sigma

(c) Total Quality Management

(d) Kaizen

Option D

6. Where was Total Quality Management first developed? (DEC 2020)

(a) USA

(b) UK

(c) Japan

(d) Korea

Option C

7. Which of the following are key components of a Total Quality Management system? (DEC 2020)

(a) Individual responsibility,incremental improvement,use of raw data

(b) Collective responsibility,continual

(c) Group responsibility,staged improvement,knowledge

(d) Involves everyone,continual improvement,use of data and knowledge

Option D

9. In Six sigma,DMAIC stands for: (DEC 2020)

(a) Do-Measure-Act-Implement-Check

(b) Define-Measure-Act-Implement-Control

(c) Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control

(d) Do-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control

Option C

10.In TQM,which of the following is not classified as ‘cost of non-conformance’? (DEC 2020)

(a) Testing equipment

(b) Reworking

(c) Warranty claims

(d) Product design

Option A

11.“Six Sigma” management has several levels of certification. It does not include: (DEC 2020)

(a) Yellow Belt

(b) Green Belt

(c) Champion

(d) White Belt

Option D

12.Business Process Reengineering mainly involves: (AUG 2021)

(A) Radical improvement of various measures of performance

(B) Fine-tuning of the production process

(C) Slight reduction in cost

(D) Recruitment of business process Engineers

Option A

13.Which is not a factor for a successful implementation of BPR as identified AL-Mashariand Zairi? (AUG 2021)

(A) Change in management

(B) Management competencies

(C) Organizationalstructure

(D)Business network process

Option D

14.With reference to benchmarking,select the correct statement out of the following: (AUG 2021)

(A) Finding and implementing the best business

(B) Traditional controlling is also known as benchmarking

(C) The focus of benchmarking is to identify and eliminate non-value added activities

(D) Benchmarking deals only with medium size organization

Option A

15.Which of the practice started by Ford Motor with a slogan of ‘Quality is Job 1’? (AUG 2021)

(A) Total Quality Management

(B) Six Sigma

(C) Business Excellence Model

(D) Business Process Reengineering

Option A

16.In which Six Sigma,an individual should have a basic understanding of Six Sigma,statistical tools and DMAIC methodology? (AUG 2021)

(A) Yellow Belt

(B) Green Belt

(C) Black Belt

(D) Master Black Belt

Option A

17.In ‘DMAIC’,with reference to Six Sigma D stands for: (AUG 2021)

(A) Direction

(B) Define

(C) Decision

(D) Dignity

Option B

18.The primary objective of business process re-engineering is to : (DEC 2021)

(A) Eliminate redundancies

(B) Eliminate enterprise cost

(C) Eliminate heavy investment in low return

(D) Both (A) and (B)

Option D

19.The three main properties of Block Chain technology are: (DEC 2021)

(A) Centralization,Transparency,Improvements

(B) Recentralization,Transparency,Immutability

(C) Decentralization,Transparency,Immutability

(D) Centralization,Transparency,Unchangeable

Option C

20.The term DMAIC stands for ……….. (DEC 2021)

(A) Decision,Meet the target,Approve,Improve,Carryout the plan

(B) Define,Measure,Analyze,Improve,Control

(C) Desire,Measure,Alternative,Improve Check and proceed

(D) Decision,Meet the target,Analyze Improve,Check and proceed

Option B

21.The simple objective of total quality management is ………………. (DEC 2021)

(A) Production aim to manufacture quality products

(B) Production aim to arrest zero defectives

(C) Do the quality plan,strict with the quality timeframe,re-examine the qualityachievement

(D) Do the right things,right the first time,every time

Option D

22.The term “ASQC” stands for: (DEC 2021)

(A) Amritsar Society for Quality Control

(B) African Society for Quality Control

(C) American Society for Quality Control

(D) Ahmedabad Society for Quality Control

Option C

23.The X Co. Ltd.,wants to achieve the six sigma status in their manufacturing set-up and to achieve this the company must reduce the manufacturing defects to a level of no more than : (DEC 2021)

(A) 3.4 per million

(B) 2.33 per million

(C) 6.21 per million

(D) 0.01 per million

Option A

24.Which of the following is not a type of benchmarking identified by Tuominen and Boganand English ? (DEC 2021)

(A) Strategic benchmarking

(B) Performance benchmarking

(C) Process benchmarking

(D) Quality benchmarking

Option D

25.Choose the correct sequence of benchmarking wheel : (DEC 2021)

(A) Plan → Find Collect → Analyze → Improve

(B) Find → Plan → Collect → Analyze → Improve

(C) Find → Analyze → Plan → Collect → Improve

(D) Analyze → Plan → Find → Improve

Option A

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