FSM - CS Executive - Chapter-11 (MCQ's)

1. Generally in what order managers perform their managerial functions? (DEC 2020)

(a) Organizing,planning,controlling,leading

(b) Organizing,leading,planning,controlling

(c) Planning,organizing,leading,controlling

(d) Planning,organizing,controlling,leading

Option C

2. The famous book “The Management Theory of Jungle” is written by: (DEC 2020)

(a) Harold Koontz

(b) Henri Fayol

(c) Peter Drucker

(d) George Terry

Option A

3. Consider the following statements: (DEC 2020)

(1) Establishment of objectives

(2) Choose of alternative courses of action

(3) Delegation of authority

(4) Decision only by production managerOut of these statements:

(a) (1),(2),(3) and (4) are correct

(b) (1),(3) and (4) are correct

(c) (1) and (2) are correct

(d) (2) and (3) are correct

Option C

4. When a manager monitors the work performance of workers in his department to determine if the quality of their work is ‘up to standard’,this manager is engaging in which function? (DEC 2020)

(a) Planning

(b) Controlling

(c) Organising

(d) Leading

Option D

5. Following are controlling functions of the management? (DEC 2020)

(1) Analysis of variances

(2) Initiating corrective action

(3) Measurement of Actual performance

(4) Establishment of standardsCorrect sequence


(a) (4),(2),(3),(1)

(b) (2),(3),(1),(4)

(c) (4),(1),(2),(3)

(d) (4),(3),(1),(2)

Option D

6. ………………….is a conscious attempt made by the executive to influence the role ofindividual and group behaviours. (DEC 2020

(a) Direction

(b) Motivation

(c) Leadership

(d) Controlling

Option B

7. The first ever 14 principles of ‘classical management theory’ was shelled out by : (AUG 2021)

(A) George R Terry

(B) Henry Fayol

(C) Peter Drucker

(D) Harold Koontz

Option B

8. Which of the following is not a function of management? (AUG 2021)

(A) Planning

(B) Staffing

(C) Co-operation

(D) Controlling

Option C

9. Planning process begins with: (AUG 2021)

(A) Establishment of objectives

(B) Generating alternatives

(C) Selecting alternatives

(D) Resource allocation

Option A

10. Match the correct management theories of

(1) Scientific management (2) Administrative

(3) Bureaucratic (4) Relations

(a) Henri Fayol’s (b) Elton Mayo’s (c) Frederic W. Taylor (d) Max Weber (DEC 2021)

(A) 1-d,2-c,3-a,4-b

(B) 1-b,2-c,3-d,4-a

(C) 1-c,2-a,3-d,4-b

(D) 1-a,2-b,3-c,4-d

Option C

11. According to Theo Haimann “Staffing Pertains to recruitment,selection,development and ” (DEC 2021)

(A) Orientation and Placement

(B) Compensation of Subordinates

(C) Performance and Evaluation

(D) Promotion and Transfer

Option B

12. The direction is said to be all those activities which are designed to encourage thesubordinate ……………… (DEC 2021)

(A) to work superior’s satisfaction

(B) to work management objectives

(C) to work effectively and efficiently

(D) to work as a team and to achieve the common goal

Option C

13. Controlling measures,the deviation of actual performance from the : (DEC 2021)

(A) Planned Performance

(B) Standard Performance

(C) Deviated Path of Management Plan

(D) Ineffective areas of performance

Option B

14. Which of the following is not a characteristic of controlling function of management? (DEC 2021)

(A) Controlling is an end function

(B) Controlling is a dynamic process

(C) Controlling is not related with planning

(D) Controlling is forward looking

Option C

15. “Rule of thumb should be replaced by scientific analysis of work.”The above principle was given by: (DEC 2021)

(A) Henri Fayol

(B) F.W. Taylor

(C) Max Weber

(D) Elton Mayo

Option B

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